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Eleflow Technologies designs and manufactures transistors and diodes, equivalent to those from Mitsubishi, Motorola, Philips, STM and others.

Eleflow specializes in designing and manufacturing obsolete, discontinued and hard-to-find components to meet worldwide customers' continuing demands.

Eleflow was founded by two USA Chinese Scholars in 2005. Eleflow's electronic engineers have rich experiences with designing the pin-to-pin replacement components according to customer's requirements.



Part Number Datasheet Part Number Datasheet Part Number Datasheet Part Number Datasheet
2SC1969 PDF Sign BLF248 PDF Sign BLW87 PDF Sign MRF325 PDF Sign
2SC1970 PDF Sign BLU30 PDF Sign BLW90 PDF Sign MRF340 PDF Sign
2SC1971 PDF Sign BLU45 PDF Sign BLW96 PDF Sign MRF410 PDF Sign
2SC1972 PDF Sign BLU60 PDF Sign MRF231 PDF Sign MRF412 PDF Sign
2SC2053 PDF Sign BLV11 PDF Sign MRF232 PDF Sign MRF421 PDF Sign
2SC3101 PDF Sign BLV21 PDF Sign MRF233 PDF Sign MRF422 PDF Sign
2SC1945 pdf BLV25 pdf MRF234 pdf MRF426 pdf
2SC1946 pdf BLV31 pdf MRF235 pdf MRF427 pdf
2SC3133 pdf BLV32F pdf MRF238 pdf MRF429 pdf
2SC2166 pdf BLV33 pdf MRF240 pdf MRF448 pdf
2SC2312 pdf BLV99 pdf MRF243 pdf MRF464 pdf
2SC2921 pdf BLW30 pdf MRF245 pdf MRF466 pdf
2SC3603 pdf BLW50F pdf MRF260 pdf MRF476 pdf
2SC2075 pdf SD1285 pdf BLX13 pdf MRF485 pdf
2SC2078 pdf BLW75 pdf MRF261 pdf MRF486 pdf
2SK3078 pdf BLW76 pdf MRF264 pdf MRF477 pdf
2SB1135 pdf BLW77 pdf MRF314 pdf MRF654 pdf
GL1A pdf BLW78 pdf MRF315 pdf MRF658 pdf
GL1B pdf BLW80 pdf MRF316 pdf MRF891 pdf
GL1C pdf BLW81 pdf MRF317 pdf BUZ901 pdf
GL1D pdf BLW83 pdf MRF321 pdf MRF406 pdf
GL1J pdf BLW85 pdf MRF323 pdf MRF476 pdf
MRF427 pdf BLW86 pdf MRF466 pdf CB20-W PDF Sign

ELEFLOW Transistor Catalogue Download

ELEFLOW MOSFET Catalogue Download




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